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Location: Shoreline Community College, WA

Job Number: 00799-1 (posted 03/27/2024)

Course Name: BIOL 288 Basic Principles of Flow Cytometry

Description: This course will present the theory of flow cytometry as well as provide practical laboratory experience using the instrumentation. Students will receive hands-on training calibrating and troubleshooting a flow cytometer, preparing and staining cells for analysis, data collection and analysis of data.

Course Outcomes:

  1. Understand and apply the theory of flow cytometry, use of the instrumentation and associated software.
  2. Calibrate and troubleshoot the flow cytometer using fluorescent bead standards.
  3. Design, perform and analyze data from cell staining experiment using flow cytometry.

Topic Outline:

  • Applications and principles of flow cytometry including fluidics, electronics, optics, and software applications
  • Routine maintenance, calibration, and data acquisition
  • Staining protocols:
  • Cell fixation, blocking, and staining optimization using fluorescent probes
  • Staining cell surface markers
  • Nuclear staining
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Two color staining
  • Analysis of stained cells
  • Design appropriate controls & set up cytometer to detect stained cells, compensate where needed if using two color staining
  • Collect and analyze data